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Meet Ashley Wrobel; Life, Business, Relationship and Real Estate Coach


As a deeply intuitive listener and with continuous and passionate learning, my coaching adds multiple tools to support transformational paths in your life and career. You can count on me to inspire you to have more fun, make more money and feel more empowered in your life.

“There is only one success.
To be able to spend your life in your own way.”

Christopher Morley

Meet Ashley

My Story

Raised by a struggling family in Montana, my life was very different than it is today. I remember being so frustrated when in second grade I couldn’t have the second dress I wanted. I knew my life was supposed to be exciting with closets full of clothes and trinkets from around the world.

I was driven by freedom and powerful desires.

For many years, my spiritual path was front and center, and led me to Hawaii where I drove a cab, taught yoga, and lived hand-to-mouth and paycheck-to-paycheck.

After a few years, I met one of my first mentors, who woke me up to a lifestyle and confidence that sparked something within me. She was living a life of freedom, wealth, and opportunities that I longed for, and she happened to be a real estate agent.


I was inspired!

After getting my real estate license in 1978, I began a career that gave me that lifestyle of my dreams…

However, I would have to face brutal inner demons that often challenged and sabotaged my path. Thankfully I recognized early on that a positive attitude, and a healthy mind would be my keys to success. Not only financially, but spiritually as well.
As I tamed the demons I shifted my focus to what my clients wanted or needed and I began to learn about personal development, and implement practices of continuous learning, meditation, exercise, hypnotherapy, and positive mindset.

Focusing on a service attitude fueled a successful career in real estate and helped hundreds of my clients.

Eventually, I began to share that attitude with others.
I was asked to coach other real estate agents in 2008, and discovered a zeal to inspire, motivate, and positively impact them. I am energized and motivated to support others to grow and develop successful careers and fulfill their lives.
I coach to find the gap between secret dreams and manifestation…
Along the way, my clients deepen their relationships, make more money and have more fun!
As your Coach, I will…
  • Actively listen to you and provide guidance
  • Hold a compassionate but challenging space
  • Release stuck  energy and provide greater 
  • Empower you with tools, habits and skills for success 

So that you can feel free, confident, excited, and fulfilled in your life and career.

Professional Bio

Ashley has been coaching professionally and successfully for over a decade. Before that she was a self-employed Realtor, wife, mom, and teacher. She has and continues to study personal development since she was 17 and has her Bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of Oregon.

Ashley started her coaching career as a sales productivity coach in Santa Monica California with some of the highest paid realtors in the country. She launched a powerful program that empowered new and experienced agents into successful businesses and thriving careers.

In 2017 she left that position to launch her private coaching practice and diversify her coaching to include other professions and personal relationships., and earned Certified Professional CoActive Coach designation reflecting her expanded range of skills.

I am in the process of certification as a Positive Intelligence Coach, and intend to be one of the first 100 coaches globally for such designation. With this content, I am offering Healthy Mind coaching programs which provide stunning life tools.


Work With Me

During this 7-week virtual coaching program, you will receive insights into your strengths, see the gifts in the challenges, navigate your decisions with clarity, and conquer obstacles that will have you celebrating from the mountain tops!

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Relationship Coaching

Real Estate Coaching

Healthy Mind Bootcamp

Are you ready?

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I offer a complimentary consultation where we can connect, discover and discuss your wants and challenges, and I will share how I can best support you.

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Master your Mindset &
Fulfill Your Potential
Are you ready to upgrade your life? Do you work hard to fulfill your dreams, create goals that you don’t accomplish and live with nagging inner negative voices that threaten your success, block your confidence and interfere with your direction?

Then Healthy Mind Bootcamp is for YOU!


Happy Clients

“Transformational. That’s the only way to describe how impactful coaching with Ashley has been for me.  She is gentle and kind, yet not hesitant to ask the tough questions. She brings a natural curiosity to her coaching…it is a ‘judgement free’ zone. She has a superior understanding of how your mindset impacts your choices and how self-awareness is on the “critical path” to overcoming business and personal challenges. She is skilled at combining both the practical and theoretical in her approach….a rare talent indeed. Plus she’s a really nice person! I’m definitely a fan!”

Stephen Beard

Realtor, California


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Ahley Wrobel

Life, Business, Relationship & Real Estate Coach

As a deeply intuitive listener and with continuous and passionate learning, my coaching adds multiple tools to support transformational paths in your life and career. You can count on me to inspire you to have more fun, make more money and feel more empowered in your life!